In addition to my passion for digital design, I like fine art n' stuff. And by fine art I mean my weird sketchbook and Photoshop noodlings. I work in a variety of styles and enjoy being a chameleon. Please, examine my wares and judge for yourself.

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Drabblecast Covers

For the past 5 years I've been an integral part of The Drabblecast, a weekly, illustrated, short fiction audio magazine. Also known as a podcast, if you wanna be all 'Apple owns our medium' about it. My primary function has been Art Director, coordinating the original illustration paired with all 400-plus episodes via a stable of volunteer fan artists. Also, being an insufferable dabbler, I've provided around a quarter of those covers myself. I highly recommend giving it a listen. Or to isolate just the Bo parts, check out some of my favorite covers from the gallery below.

Friends List

Below are images from a series I created called Friends List. Original designs, pencil drawn, cleaned up in Adobe Illustrator, and colored with Photoshop.


For years the Drabblecast had a fun tradition of talking up a series of imaginary animals and deciding by popular vote which would win in a fight to the death. I provided art for this phenomena, The Mega-Beast Death-Match, the middle ground between Dungeons and Dragons and a Twitter Trending Topic.

#Bo365 Sketches

#Bo365 was a daily Instagram drawing project I undertook in 2014. I continue to this day though in a less structured way (IE not daily). Currently I create a Waluigi on the 7th of every month. Follow me on Instagram or Tumblr to be inundated with that weirdness.