The Bridal Party


Meghan Barrett

Maid of Honor || Annie’s sister (or ‘cistur’ in their private language of nonsense), Chicago’s finest, and a friend to all. Queen of cooking, chilling, and planning this wedding! 🙌


Katie Atkinson

Bridal Party || Fab fourth of the former EW crew, current Billboard editor, trivia wizard, mom of Cal. Wins rib and chili cook-offs like they’re not even hard. Beach vibes. ⚓️


Lindsey Bahr

Bridal Party || Film critic for the AP (formerly EW). An Annie BFF since the epic N.Y.-to-L.A move. Humble and strong. Presents slightly French. Spirit animal: baby deer. 🎞


Melissa Donnan

Bridal Party || Manager at Disney, wife of best man Chris, mom of Ben, and - this is big - Annie’s favorite Codenames partner. One of the sweetest treats you’ll ever meet. 🍡


Sandra Gonzalez

Bridal Party || Worked with Annie at EW, now rocks this killer headshot for CNN. Super tiny, hella crafty & blunt AF. Wish her well: Sandra’s getting hitched this December. 💎


Emelye Adler

Bridal Party || Denver area event planner, fashionista, chihuahua pack leader. Disheveled British rose with a penchant for rosé. Married to groomsman Casey. 🦄



Chris Donnan

Best Man || Games Producer on the Price is Right. Met Bo in North Hollywood in 2005. Bo was the Best Man in Chris’s wedding. A master of games.


Matt Mattice

Groomsman || Seattle area computer programmer. Met Bo as a freshmen at RIT in 2000. Bo and Matt are cut from the same flannel patterned cloth.


Dave Kohut

Officiant, Groomsman || Digital Legacy manager at Disney. Met Bo in North Hollywood in 2005. Bo was a Groomsmen in Dave’s wedding this spring. Will spin yarns.


Jason Kokal

Groomsman || Community manager in the video game industry, met Bo at RIT in 2002. Bo was a Groomsmen in Jason’s wedding. Good dude of the highest order.


Casey Adler

Groomsman || Real estate agent in Denver CO. Met Bo in 2008. Bo was a Groomsmen in Casey’s wedding. Covets three things: pet goats, box vodka, and Lakers titles.


Paul Brozenich

Groomsman || Freelance photographer and video editor, king amongst men. Met Bo in Oswego, attended Middle School and High School together circa 1993. Lifelong friends, smash brothers.